Fort Myers Muralist Mural Painter

Fort Myers Mural Painter Muralist

Muralist Fort Myers
Shark mural Fort Myers

One of the things I most enjoy about being a mural artist in Fort Myers and SWFL is the variety of projects I work on.  While a mural painter in Ft Myers may focus on one particular style, I enjoy the challenge of painting in multiple styles to bring the best look to a particular job.

Fort Myers Mural Artist scene is growing.

Being in close proximity to places like Wynwood, Miami and St Pete, its interesting to watch those mural painters style begin to influence our area. While they both may focus on street art, I think as our area grows we will begin to see a confluence of multiple styles creating something unique in Fort Myers, and something unique in SWFL.

Mural painter
Car mural by Ft Myers mural artist Erik Schlake

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