NYC Skyline Mural

NYC Skyline Mural

NYC skyline mural

I just finished a NYC skyline mural at Tony’s NY Pizza in Ft Myers. This project was alot of fun since it combined a few of my favorite things, NYC and pizza!

I did the majority before I left for Europe and since they were under construction at the time, we waited until they were almost open for some fine tuning and final varnish, Which worked out really well, because it gave me a chance to see it with fresh eyes after stepping away from it for a few weeks. Before I left there were a few areas I thought I would fix upon my return, but with fresh eyes it wasn’t necessary. That’s the funny part. Even after all these years of doing art, I still labor over very small details when they should probably be left alone. Sometimes the pursuit of perfection is nothing but a time waster. The little things I thought were imperfections actually looked really good with a fresh perspective.

Commercial jobs are really different from residential. This NYC skyline mural has a sense of whimsy about it. We wanted bright colors and a sense of fun. It probably wouldn’t have worked in a residential setting. But here I think it works quite well.

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