Cape Coral murals

Cape Coral murals

There has been a lot of talk lately about adding murals to Cape Coral. Some people are against the idea of Cape Coral murals, thinking it’s graffiti and will negatively affect the aesthetics of the city.

Punta Gorda Mural

But you have to go no further than Punta Gorda, who has a thriving mural program designed to showcase the history of the area, to see a successful mural program that enhances the community. Cape Coral could definitely benefit from designing a program similar to theirs. And it’s not just Punta Gorda. Throughout Florida, there are many cities that have developed mural programs that have increased tourism and paid for themselves. Known as The Florida Mural Trail, it connects the over 20 Florida cities that contain mural programs and are organized for tourists and locals for great Florida day trips.

It is estimated the mural trail generates over $10 million dollars of additional revenue for these Florida cities. Cape Coral murals would be the most southern destination in the West coast of the trail bringing people to the city to discover the murals and hopefully more of what the city has to offer.

I think what gets people upset is the idea of having a “free for all” approach and allowing any type of painting to be done. But the most successful programs have an overall theme, like history, that must be met. Also, the artwork is selected in advance, typically by a committee of local leaders to ensure the murals meet the community standards.

The part that typically gets some backlash is the selection of artists. Local artists feel the program should be all local artists. While well intentioned, most mural programs that focus entirely on local artists do not succeed long term. Seldom is there enough local talent to create a well rounded mural program. Cape Coral mural artists would benefit from a program that brings in artists from all over.

Most successful programs typically have an assortment of local, regional and national artists to give a well rounded aesthetic. Adding an assortment of artists has many advantages:

  • Regional and national artists bring notoriety to a program. This opens the door to private funding and grants
  • It gives local artists access to larger named artists to learn techniques and network. Cape Coral mural artists would benefit greatly.
  • It allows visual representation outside the skills of local artists. Not every artist has the same skills. And skill sets are often developed in certain geographic areas.
  • It exposes the community to a larger dynamic and becomes part of a larger dialogue.

Cape Coral mural


There is a reason so many communities are jumping aboard to mural idea. In Florida, art tourism is a long term, growing trend. Studies have shown that art attractions bring people to an area who spend 28% more during an outing than any other type of event, including sporting events. That means 28% more money in the pockets of local businesses.  They are also more likely to return to the areas with strong arts programs.

Cape Coral is perfectly situated to feel the advantages of a mural program.With the right foundation, Cape Coral murals could become a top tourist destination like Wynwood in Miami or Lake Placid in Central Florida.

Cracker Trail Lake Placid









Cape Coral murals would add another layer of culture and economic development to an already thriving city. Cape Coral murals would help Cape Coral become one of the top destinations of Florida.


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