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Woodgraining an exterior door

Woodgraining an exterior door Woodgraining in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral One of my favorite things to do is woodgraining. I love taking an item and giving it the look of wood. Im very fortunate to be friends with many of the top woodgrain experts  in the world. Yes, you […]

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Cape Coral murals

Cape Coral murals There has been a lot of talk lately about adding murals to Cape Coral. Some people are against the idea of Cape Coral murals, thinking it’s graffiti and will negatively affect the aesthetics of the city. But you have to go no further than Punta Gorda, who […]


Woodgraining Garage Doors

Here in SW Florida, especially Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Naples , woodgraining garage doors is a popular option for many homeowners.   Woodgraining garage doors in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral plays really nice into the stucco architecture so common in our area. There are many companies that use gel […]