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NYC Skyline Mural

NYC skyline mural I just finished a NYC skyline mural at Tony’s NY Pizza in Ft Myers. This project was alot of fun since it combined a few of my favorite things, NYC and pizza! I did the majority before I left for Europe and since they were under construction […]


Painting outlet covers

One type of work I find really fun is painting outlet covers to match the backsplash tile.Its really satisfying to see how much I can get the outlets and switches to blend in. Is it durable? Heck yea, with the proper priming and a kitchen quality varnish, they can be […]

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Faux painting kitchen tile

Faux painting kitchen tile What do you do when you have kitchen tile that needs some updating? Replacing it is always an option. But so is faux painting to give it an updated and custom look. The first question is always “Is it durable?” Yes, with the proper products, including […]


Naples Beach Brewery mural

I stopped in recently to check on a mural I did about three years ago to see how its holding up in a commercial environment. It still looks great and the decor surrounding it is a perfect fit!!!! I couldnt be happier. The design is for a brewery and if […]


Chalking in Follina

We were invited to participate in a madonnari festival in Follina, Italy. Follina is an amazing village north of Venice. We were housed in a 13th Century building turned into a hostel that contained remnants of ancient frescoes, a courtyard and great views of the mountains. We picked a challenging […]


Salon in Chamonix France

We are on a tour of Europe that encompasses decorative art and chalk art. We started this journey in Chamonix France to attend Salon, an annual meeting of decorative artists from over 30 countries. For my exhibition panel, I created a trompe l’oeil piece uses objects of the area but […]

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Fort Myers Muralist Mural Painter

Fort Myers Mural Painter Muralist One of the things I most enjoy about being a mural artist in Fort Myers and SWFL is the variety of projects I work on.¬† While a mural painter in Ft Myers may focus on one particular style, I enjoy the challenge of painting in […]