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Paint Garage Doors in Woodgrain

I really enjoy woodgraining. And I love when I get a chance to woodgrain a garage door. Here is SWFL, including Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs, wood garage doors are expensive and require alot of maintenance. So being able to take a fiberglass or metal door and […]

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Everglades mural

Not everything in Florida is beach. We have a multitude of beautiful landscapes, including river scenes,  mangrove and cypress groves, marshland areas and swampy Everglade areas just to name a few. In this case the area is Punta Gorda and closer to a grassland area than the beach. So we […]

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Mural in Minneapolis

I had a great opportunity a few years ago to work with John Pugh on a mural he was painting in Minneapolis. I flew up there and spent about 5 weeks assisting, A large portion of that time was spent painting bricks. If you look at the finished photo, the […]

art, faux, woodgraining

Woodgraining an exterior door

Woodgraining an exterior door Woodgraining in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral One of my favorite things to do is woodgraining. I love taking an item and giving it the look of wood. Im very fortunate to be friends with many of the top woodgrain experts  in the world. Yes, you […]

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When in Rome……

Rome is one of my favorite cities in the world. Its easy to navigate, has great food and the amount of art and architecture is mind blowing. And most of it is free! Sure, there are places like the Vatican museum, but so much more. You can easily spend a […]

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Cape Coral murals

Cape Coral murals There has been a lot of talk lately about adding murals to Cape Coral. Some people are against the idea of Cape Coral murals, thinking it’s graffiti and will negatively affect the aesthetics of the city. But you have to go no further than Punta Gorda, who […]

Map lettering
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Map Mural

  Map mural of the Bahamas Islands This week I did a map mural of the Bahamas. My client is a pilot who flies people to the Bahamas and wanted a geographically correct map mural for his home office.  We wanted something that still looks good in a residence, but […]


Using mural paints vs house paint

A question I get quite often is “What type of paint do you use?” Or ” How much money can we save by using house paint? “ To start, house paint is probably about 30% cheaper than mural paints. And in many circumstances they work quite nicely. They are exterior […]